UNI4 Marketing AB is jointly owned by SCA, Holmen and Södra. With these strong and committed owners we have access to a total production of approximately 5,7 million m3 / year. This equals almost one third of Sweden’s total capacity! In addition to this our group owns large areas of forestland in Sweden.

Currently, UNI4 Marketing’s markets are: Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Sudan, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.


Ownership structure



Board of directors

Johan Hedin, Marketing Director Holmen Wood Products (Chairman)

Ola Engelbrekts, Business Controller, Holmen Wood Products

Markus Henningsson, Vice President Marketing & Sales, SCA Wood

Johan Andersson, CFO, SCA Wood

Andreas Jonasson, Market Manager Södra Wood




Sales organisation




Uni4 in figures